The Journal of “Critical Studies in Texts and Programs of Human Sciences” concluded a cooperation agreement and a memorandum of understanding with "Iranian Curriculum Studies Association" on February 6, 2021 to deepen and expand the review of the book and curricula in the field of humanities. Scientific and academic interactions and relations with the scientific associations of the country can further strengthen the quantitative and qualitative level of scientific articles published in this journal, the results of which directly and indirectly can affect the existing knowledge in the field of criticism and related fields.

The Iranian Curriculum Studies Association is a national, non-governmental, and non-profit organization, consisting of curriculum specialists and graduates who, through national and global cooperation and interaction and use of the latest scientific, research, and technological achievements work to develop curriculum knowledge, with a global perspective and its localization, improving the quality of policymaking and performance, promoting scientific and professional status by adhering to professional ethics and strive to achieve scientific authority at the national and international levels. Therefore, regarding the overlap of some goals of both parties to the Memorandum of Understanding, the Association, in the role of a sponsor, supports the scientific activities and efforts of the Journal of Critical Studies in Texts and Programs of Human Sciences.