Scientific license No. 381666/3 dated 12/14/2012 of the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science

Journal ranking in the year 2017: + A

Journal ranking in the year 2019: Rank B (739) 

Journal ranking in the year 2020: Rank A (801) 

This publication succeeded in receiving scientific-research points on 12/14/2012 with the letter No. 3/381666. However, according to paragraph 2-5 in the regulations of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology dated 04/29/2019, from now on all journals are known as “scientific journals”; Therefore, the types of scientific articles that will be specified on the first page of the articles are:

• Original research

• Review Manuscript

•Short Paper



Applied Article


Conceptual Paper

• Technical Paper

• Promotional

Having accepted the article, the type of article is listed on the first page of each article in this scientific journal. (Art. 2, para. 6 of the regulation)

During the refereeing, the scientific rank of each article (research, promotion, review) is determined and announced to the author of the article along with the refereeing results.